The Time for Immunizations is Now

Feel like the summer is disappearing quicker than a delicious, frosty treat? You’re not alone and the signs of seasonal change become more evident every day. One of the most prevalent is the overnight pop-up of back-to-school displays and ads announcing another school year is just around the corner. For parents and children alike, August a reality check punctuated by shopping trips and reminders to schedule the back-to-school checkups and physicals.

Check in for Check ups

Going back to school also means it’s time to get the necessary immunizations. Because of this timing, it’s natural to think immunizations are only for growing school-aged children, but immunizations remain critical for everyone. To highlight the importance of regularly scheduled immunizations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month each August. Throughout the month, the annual health observance highlights the reasons why vaccinations can benefit everyone.

Monthly Focus on the Importance of Vaccinations

  • Back to School (July and August)
  • Babies and young children (July 31-August 6)
  • Pregnant women (August 7-13)
  • Adults (August 14-20)
  • Preteen/Teen (August 21-27)

Continuing Vaccinations

For most adults, scheduling regular vaccinations falls off the priority list sometime after leaving school or assuming responsibility for your own health. Beyond getting a regular flu shot, few of us understand the benefit of a regular vaccination schedule. Just like immunizations for children and teens, the vaccinations needed as an adult are unique and can depend on many factors including age, work elements and having high-risk medical conditions.

Power to Protect

Knowing this, August is the perfect time to talk with your family medicine doctor about establishing a vaccine schedule for the whole family based on CDC immunization schedules, which are updated annually for children, teens and adults.

Feeling there’s just not enough time in the day to schedule an immunization with your family doctor? If so, ask yourself if you would make time if an immunization could protect those around you from influenza, HPV, hepatitis B or meningococcal disease. When viewed from the lens of protecting our loved ones, it’s easier to make the time.

Regular vaccinations help insure life-long protection, add a boost for those not fully vaccinated in childhood and add a layer of protection for children too young to receive vaccines.

Learning what you Need

Establishing a regular vaccination schedule is one of the best ways to ensure you and your family benefit from the most recent medical advances. To learn more about vaccinations and to determine your personal vaccination schedule, talk to your family health provider at Aspen Mountain Medical Center. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Darcy Turner, M.D., Dr. Kurt L. Hunter, M.D. or Dr. Terry Donaldson please call (307) 352-8900.

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