Stay Active and Avoid Summer Injuries

Few of us are immune to the call of summer. Warm days and extra hours of daylight find many of us remembering what makes these months so enjoyable. For some, this activity could be an impromptu volleyball or softball game, jumping on the trampoline with our kids or spending long hours on the trails biking, walking and hiking.

Reliving Glorious Days

Taking part in these activities can instantly transport the mind back to childhood memories of feeling free and powerful. While the mind is willing, a problem can arise if the body is not regularly conditioned for our favorite summer activities. This makes a last-minute decision to spike the volleyball or heroically sprint for a pop-fly a potential injury in the making. Movement is key to a healthy mind and life so don’t let an injury sideline you for the rest of the season.

“Surviving” Summer

If you have a summer full of activity planned, it’s critical to understand the role of injury prevention in keeping things moving, literally and figuratively. Some of the most common summer injuries include tendon injuries, cramps, muscle tears, shoulder injuries and back pain. These injuries occur when a body is not prepared to take part in strenuous activity.

Embrace the Warm Up

Injury prevention starts with prepping the body for the exercise in advance. This includes more than breaking a sweat sitting outside at a barbecue. A proper warm up includes gentle movements that warm the body such as a walk before a run. They also include gentle stretches to warm the muscles and tendons prior to swinging a bat or golf club. They could be several items that help get the body going prior to physical exertion. The most important idea is to take part in regular exercise, throughout the year.

Dealing with Injuries

For those times when an activity ends up being more ambitious than anticipated, know that help is available in the form of physical therapy and orthopaedic care. Aspen Mountain Medical Center orthopaedic surgeon Michael Sisk, M.D., is a lifelong sports and outdoor adventurer who understands the call of summer and how injuries can happen when least expected. As a high-altitude climber and professional bronc rider, Dr. Sisk incorporates his own experience recovering from sports-related injuries to help his orthopaedic patients get back to the active lifestyle they want to be living.

Dr. Sisk specializes in the treatment of fractures and strains, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tears, osteoarthritis, joint pain and disease, spine disorders and injuries of the elbow, wrist, hand ankle and foot. He also served as associate professor of orthopaedics at the University of Colorado and team physician to the U.S. Ski Team.

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