Surgery and Internal Medicine in Rock Springs, WY

Our walls were built to welcome the community and, in the same way, our diverse team of specialists was gathered to ensure that every need could be met right here—at home in Rock Springs. Here, multispecialty capabilities make customized care and quality outcomes the standard you can expect.

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Our Spine Specialists are the region's best, with years of advanced training and excellence in their field. For cervical or lumbar surgery, scoliosis procedures, nerve simulator implants, spinal fusion, craniotomy treatments or advanced pain management, back surgery is a matter for only the best.

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Family Medicine

There’s more to wellness than specialty surgery and interventional care, which is why our primary care physicians see to your complete, everyday health and that of your entire family. Should specialty care be needed, our primary care physicians coordinate with the appropriate specialists on your behalf to ensure the best outcomes.

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From preventative testing, such as a colonoscopy, to targeted procedures that correct injury or illness affecting the digestive tract, our advanced team of gastroenterologists provide the solutions you need and the attentive, compassionate care you deserve. They’ll keep you informed of what’s ahead, so you know exactly what to expect.

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With the industry leading tools and technologies to perform both minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedures and more complex surgeries—as well as everything in between—our general surgery team is your number one choice for any procedure related to the abdomen, including the stomach, colon, liver or gallbladder.

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Anesthesiologists are a critical part of preparing patients for surgery and monitoring their condition for its duration. When you arrive at Aspen Mountain Medical Center for surgery, one of our highly trained anesthesiologists will meet with you to develop an anesthesiology plan that provides for your complete comfort and overall health.

It’s been my privilege to work in this community, and the surrounding areas, for many years, and I’m excited to see how Aspen Mountain Medical Center is going to further elevate what physicians like myself have offered.

Dr. Terry Donaldson
Aspen Mountain Medical Center

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Our internal medicine specialists, also called internists, are the region’s best when it comes to identifying, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of adult diseases. While they often focus first on preventative measures, our internists also work closely with other specialists to develop targeted treatment plans personalized to patient needs.

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Age, injury and simple overuse all have an impact on the skeletal structure, as well as the ligaments, muscles and joints that keep it all together. If ailing joints, bone fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries or related conditions are slowing you down, trust our orthopaedic specialty team to get you back on the move.

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Our ear, nose and throat specialists manage more than you may know—they specialize in all manner of injuries, deformities and diseases related to the head and neck. Whether it’s facial reconstruction, a simpler procedure involving the inner ear, or corrective surgery for your sinuses, our ENT team has you covered neck-to-nose.

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Whether symptoms are chronic or acute, brought on by injury or disease, our pain management specialist provide an incredible range of services, including peripheral nerve blocks and epidural injections, to restore your pain-free quality of life.

Healthcare is not meant to be anybody’s burden—it’s something that should be easy to access, simple to understand, of reasonable cost and of utmost quality. It’s that simple. And that is everything we aim to be.

Dr. Raoul Joubran
Aspen Mountain Medical Center


For you, there is nothing more important than your child’s health, and for your child, there is nothing more important than feeling safe and secure. Our pediatric specialists respond with the kind of care and treatment options that not only ensure your child’s wellness, but also their complete comfort with their surroundings.

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In a hard-working community like this, people know what it’s like to spend long hours on their feet—and it’s important to keep those feet healthy. If you’re suffering from pain, injury or diabetic ailments related to your feet, ankles or lower leg, talk to our podiatric specialists about the variety of surgical and non-surgical treatment options available.