Orthopedic Surgery

As the foundation of your every movement, your skeletal structure, ligaments, muscles and joints depend on you to monitor—and maintain—their health. 

When swollen joints, painful knees and shoulders, carpal tunnel, and other discomforts set in, it’s our job to get them out of your way. 

As a specialty surgical hospital, customized care is our priority. 

You’ll notice the difference when you meet your surgical team, all of whom are focused on tailoring your procedure  to meet your unique needs. 

You’ll feel it in the personalized, one-on-one attention from your nurses and doctor as you recover in your clean, modern surgical suite, outfitted with all the latest technology and equipment.

You’ll experience it as you move through your customized recovery plan, designed with your unique needs in mind and a fast, smooth recovery as the end goal. 

Procedures performed by our specialized orthopedic surgeons include: 

  • ACL reconstruction and surgery
  • Arthroscopic carpal tunnel, elbow, hip, rotator cuff and wrist surgery 
  • Cartilage transplants
  • Foot and ankle fracture repair 
  • Forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle reconstruction surgery
  • Joint restoration
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Knee and shoulder arthroscopy
  • Knee injections
  • Knee ligament repair / reconstruction
  • Knee meniscal transplants
  • Latarjet procedure (arthroscopic and open) 
  • Partial and total knee replacement 
  • Proximal hamstring repair (arthroscopic and open) 
  • Rotator cuff repair 
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Simple hand, foot and ankle surgery 
  • Surgical and non-surgical fracture care

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