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Supporting each of our unique specialties is a team of pathologists, pharmacists, physical therapists, radiologists and more—all contributing to a singular effort that ensures accurate diagnoses, targeted treatment and recovery plans and, best of all, quality outcomes.

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The best pharmacists are known for their keen attention to detail. At Aspen Mountain Medical Center, our in-house pharmacy team expertly leverages electronic medical records for added efficiency and works closely with each of the center’s specialists, ensuring quick and accurate pharmaceutical care for all patients, seven days a week.

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Our onsite laboratory is designed for efficient movement and rapid results, which means our walk-in patients are never kept waiting and our inpatient visitors get results faster. By offering comprehensive testing options and prompt turnaround, our patients are able to move more quickly into their next stage of treatment and recovery.

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Pathology plays a key role in both diagnostics and treatment plan development, which means nothing is more important than fast and accurate results. Our team of pathologists and histologists examine tissue samples from biopsies and surgical procedures, and are quick to deliver the insight our specialists need to make the best choices for every patient.

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Inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation is among the first steps toward recovery following surgical intervention. Our physical therapists, who incorporate a variety of proven techniques and assistive devices, work closely with you and your physician to set functional performance goals and put you on the path to peak physical form.

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When diagnosis demands that our physicians take a closer look, comprehensive imaging and radiology services are our first line of defense. Some form of diagnostic imaging factors into almost all of our patient cases, which is why we work with a large team of onsite, board-certified radiologists and imaging specialists. This uniquely qualified team utilizes industry-leading tools and technologies to provide detailed images and quality insight. Aspen Mountain Medical Center’s onsite imaging capabilities include: Computed Tomography (CT), Diagnostic X-Ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound (US), Mammography, Vascular Imaging.

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Inability to sleep has a devastating effect on overall wellness, depriving the body of needed time for repair and regulating healthy function. At our onsite sleep lab, highly experienced technicians work with patients in a controlled environment to complete sleep studies and experience personalized treatment plans and quality results. To make an appointment for your sleep study, please call 307-352-8943.

Three Patches Café

Located within the hospital is a unique dining experience in the Three Patches Café. Our food is prepared in house by our highly skilled staff. Each day they prepare made to order specials along with their standard menu. The menu changes every few months so be sure to keep checking back. Daily specials can be found on our Facebook page. The Three Patches Café is not your typical hospital food but rather a sophisticated eatery located inside a hospital. Please join us for breakfast or lunch Monday-Friday from 7:00am-9:30am and 11:00am-2:00pm