Patients & Guests: Accreditation Changes We Wanted to Inform You About

Welcome patients and visitors,

Here at Aspen Mountain Medical Center, we pride ourselves on many things, In particular, a high standard in our quality of care and patient transparency. We have recently undergone a change in our accreditation that although will not affect your care or experience with us, we wanted to inform you about.

As many of you know, due to a federal stipulation called Stark Law, AMMC has currently not been able to accept Medicare or Medicaid. As of now, that law would need to be modified to allow AMMC to accept those government-insured patients. Read more about Stark Law here.

As part of those federal regulations, AMMC will now be licensed through the State of Wyoming as a hospital instead of accredited through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Going forward, AMMC will be undergoing a state survey, a NIAHO non-deemed DNV survey and also a hip and knee accreditation from DNV. These surveys will replace the current CMS survey, effective immediately.

These changes will not affect your experience here at AMMC and also allow us the ability to continue our service of high quality healthcare, right here at home.

If you have any questions about this change or the accreditation process, please reach out and talk to us. You can call or email Tessa Kelley, Chief Nursing Officer, at 307-352-8903 or

Thank you for choosing Aspen Mountain Medical Center.