What you Need to Know about Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Caring, generous and selfless are just some of the many words we use to describe our closest girlfriends. These are the women who take the late-night call to calm a worry and go out of their way to offer an encouraging word. As wonderful as it can feel to be on the receiving end of these actions, the women who give so generously may not always feel worthy of receiving the same in return.

The inability to accept kindness and gifts can come at a large price. By regularly placing others in greater importance, there are tradeoffs such as ignoring one’s own nagging health symptoms and putting other people’s needs higher than one’s own.

Put the Oxygen Mask on First

Personal health is a gift, and it’s critical to understand that putting matters of person health and well-being first is always the right choice for good mental, physical and emotional health. In terms of physical health, this can begin with scheduling an annual visit with a gynecologist for a regular well-woman exam. Ideally these visits should begin around the age of 13 and continue annually.

Well-woman visits with a gynecology nurse or doctor address physical evolutions within the female body, hormone changes, sexual activity, pregnancy and menopause. These annual visits are a time to build a long-term relationship with your gynecology doctor, an opportunity to learn what’s normal in your body and a time to ask questions, even those you might find embarrassing. A gynecology doctor is ready to answer those questions and can diminish any associated discomfort.

These conversations provide an important baseline for knowing your body and understanding its unique aspects. Understanding your “normal” is critical for knowing when something doesn’t feel right for you. Awareness of what’s happening in your body is important for preventing larger health issues that are often silent in nature. Symptoms such as bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly can all be symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Other Symptoms Associated with Ovarian Cancer

  • Back pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion

Going Teal in September

During the #30DaysofTeal in September, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance and medical facilities across the U.S. like Aspen Mountain Medical Center are spreading the word about Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Throughout the month, organizations are teaming with gynecology healthcare providers to stress the importance of taking time for regular well-woman visits and building a long-term relationship with a gynecology doctor. Beginning this September, take a moment to recognize the wonderful creation you are, creating the building blocks for a better future for you and all those who love you. To schedule a gynecology appointment with Dr. Leslie Ahlmeyer, please call (307) 352-8900.

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