Navigating Sniffles, Sneezes and Colds in the Holiday Season

Welcome to the official start of the holidays. In an effort to cram as much holiday making into the month, many of us add in extra activities with the hope of making the most of this time of year. When this is successful, it can feel like you’ve found a superhuman element within yourself that allows you to work, attend holiday gatherings and find time for making things Pinterest-worthy.

Paying the Piper

As most of us know, super-human efforts can only last so long, particularly when coupled with damp, cold weather and an abundance of extra germs. The figurative bill comes due when one starts to feel the pressure of filling sinuses, tickle in the throat or a persistent cough. It’s at times like this you might decide the body is taking its own revenge for missed hours of sleep.

Sharing the Germs

This time of year can also feel like you’re living in a human petri dish. Busy schedules and ramped-up expectations can leave us vulnerable to the many germs present. Continued exposure can temporarily bring down even the most-healthy individuals, resulting in stuffy heads, sniffles and swollen tonsils and adenoids, which block the upper airway making breathing difficult. Then comes the threat of infections and reoccurring bouts of strep throat that even powerful antibiotics can’t remedy.

Quick Help When You Need It

When you’re feeling rotten it’s normal to want to feel better as quickly as possible. To often though, we let a “little cough” or “small tickle” become a debilitating sinus or tonsil infection. Even if you feel a visit to the primary care physician or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor is the last thing you want, a swift diagnosis can get you back into the swing of life.

If infections occur on a regular basis, it might be time to talk with your ENT doctor about tonsillectomy (tonsils) or adenoidectomy (adenoids) surgery. This is a brief outpatient surgery, performed under general anesthesia removing the tonsils or adenoids causing frequent infections. Recovery from surgery is usually seven to ten days or up to two weeks.

Exploring the Options

Staying healthy is important at any time of year but it’s particularly desirable during the holidays. No one wants to miss out on the fun by staying in bed or remaining home to care for a sick family member. This year, make the time to visit your primary care physician. They can help you quickly determine if you’re dealing with a cold or sinus infection or if you warrant a consultation with an ENT doctor for more persistent problems.

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