Aspen Mountain Medical Center Enhances Infection Prevention by Implementing UV-C Technology

At Aspen Mountain Medical Center, patient care and safety remains top priority.

That’s why they’ve implemented Surfacide UV-C Technology, an innovative disinfecting method that goes the extra mile to better protect patients against hospital acquired infections.

UV-C treatments are a secondary process to ensure that no areas are missed in the cleaning process. This innovative technology has the ability to laser map a room, and determine the appropriate amount of energy and time needed to effectively kill pathogens.

UV-C Technology kills viruses and bacteria by using light to breakdown their DNA. This prevents those pathogens from spreading, and is an extra step in ensuring patient safety in their facility.

Their Surfacide UV-C system has proven effective against many viruses and bacteria, including C-diff, MRSA, VRE, CRE and the current COVID-19. This high tech system is an added layer of security to ensure the safety of each individual who walks into Aspen Mountain Medical Center.

Hear what the staff at AMMC has to say about utilizing surfacide…

Our vision at AMMC is to continue improving the healthcare value delivered to our community. Implementing Surfacide decontamination to our standard cleaning protocols offers a unique opportunity for excellence. We are beyond excited to utilize such cutting edge technology as we strive to ensure the quality of care offered to our community.

-Taylor Carroll, Interim Chief Nursing Officer

This extra line of defense really brings an additional layer of safety into our workplace environment for both us, and our patients.

-Jesus Ramirez, Surgical Technologist

We are so excited to know that after surgery when the patients are transferred to our Inpatient Unit for their overnight stay, each private room has not only been thoroughly cleaned, but the Surfacide units have also been used. This helps us ensure that we keep our patients safe from infection causing bacteria.

-Rachel Lance, Inpatient Manager

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